Your taxi service in the Vilshofen areaWe pick you up - from the Regen via Deggendorf to Vilshofen and Passau

Need to travel safely and quickly from Eging am See to Vilshofen or from Bodenmais to Deggendorf? Then, whether early in the morning, at noon or late at night, you are in good hands with our taxi service. We, Taxi and Rental Car Hochleitner GbR “Taxi Traudl”, offer comfortable taxi rides, airport transfers, hospital, wheelchair and dialysis rides to the hospital you know or to your trusted doctor. Our taxi drivers are excellently trained and offer friendly and helpful service to guarantee you a pleasant journey. Within Vilshofen you many take benefit from our city taxi which will take you to your destination as fast as possible on short distances. With our minivans, we bring groups up to 8 people comfortably to the desired destination or in the evening to the party.

You can rely on us – we know every street and every corner in the region between Bodenmais, Regen, Deggendorf, Hengersberg, Osterhofen, Winzer, Eging am See, Windorf via Vilshofen, Bad Grießbach and Bad Füssing via Pocking to Passau. Simply call the respective taxi center at the telephone number above and we will take care of your trip 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Book your taxi at a fixed time or as quickly as possible and we guarantee a smooth process.

Taxi rides

Get to your destination safely, quickly and on time with our taxis. Flexible passenger transport according to schedule or spontaneously. Our large capacity cab is suitable for groups up to 8 people.

Sick and wheelchair rides

In addition to the classic taxi rides, we also offer rides for patients. We offer dialysis, wheelchair and doctor's as well as rides to the physiotherapy as well as the chemo- and radiotherapy.

Rehabilitation rides

In addition to patient and wheelchair rides, we also offer rides to rehabilitation clinics in the area, e.g. the amputation clinic in Osterhofen, the Asklepsios clinics in Aidenbach or Schaufling as well as Passau, Bad Griesbach, Bad Füssing or the rehabilitation clinics further away.

Airport transfers

Avoid high parking costs at the airport and use our airport shuttle. We will take you to the destination by taxi and pick you up on time.

Taxi Hochleitner GbRAlso in Vilshofen since 2024

At the end of 2014, the trained dairy specialist Tobias Hochleitner “Taxi Tobi” decided to set up his own business and, as so often happens, the way it had to happen happened: By chance, he was offered a taxi company in Winzer to take over.
Tobias Hochleitner, who had previously worked at the Hengersberg fruit processing plant, did not hesitate for long and successfully completed the business examination in just a few weeks. So everything started so that the company “Taxi und Mietwagen Tobias Hochleitner” could open with a taxi on May 1st, 2015. Tobias Hochleitner then ran a small business in the area around Winzer. The company gradually expanded, he included his family Franz Hochleitner (†December 2nd, 2021) and Mechthilde “Meggy” Hochleitner and bought another 2 taxis and rental cars by 2016. In October 2016, Tobias Hochleitner met his future wife Angelina. After her passion for driving, Angelina Hochleitner decided that she also wanted to get into the taxi business and left her permanent job and worked hard to pass the specialist exam for taxi and rental cars. After just 6 weeks of full-time work and learning, she passed the skills test and another license was acquired for the Deggendorf location. The company Hochleitner & Kramer GbR was then founded in Brunnenstr. 6, 94496 Deggendorf. This has been expanded to this day with another taxi license and a rental car. Until May 2020, people were also busy helping out in the family-run restaurant “Gasthaus Grassinger Winzer”. After giving up the restaurant, Angelina Hochleitner received various technical support from Mechthilde Hochleitner in the office and also with the scheduling of the vehicle fleet, because like Tobias and Angelina Hochleitner, Mechthilde also put in the work and, after many years of restaurant experience, also successfully passed the taxi and rental car specialist test completed.

And so the starting signal came that Ms. and Mr. Hochleitner wanted to grow larger and they started looking for which taxi companies would be sold.
This was followed by the locations Plattling, Bodenmais, Hengersberg, Osterhofen and, since February 1, 2024, Vilshofen.

Information on taxi fares & pricesWe drive according to tariff and without detours

We assure you absolute transparency in the accounting of your taxi costs. We take the fastest route to the place of your choice and adhere exactly to the tariff plan. Get an overview of all prices and additional costs. If you have any questions, our competent drivers or the head office in person of Waltraud Behr and Reinhold Lorenz are of course at your disposal.

Service Price
Base price (06:00 – 22:00 Uhr) € 3,90
Base price (22:00 – 06:00 Uhr) € 6,90
Kilometre price € 2,20

Events & placesHere are our taxis for you in use

More than just a taxi serviceFrom Regen via Deggendorf to Passau

As you can see, our catchment area is large – despite everything, we know all of our passengers personally and that is very important to us. Any matters that concern you personally will be handled politely, correctly and discreetly.
We have carefully selected staff, every single employee can show a passenger transport license and can give you the right answer to any question.
The safety of our passengers is our top priority and we try to transport you to your destination on time and in the fastest way around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
In addition to the city of Vilshofen, the Eging am See market and the municipalities of Ortenburg, Bad Füssing, Pocking, our area includes all nearby districts and areas such as Bodenmais, Deggendorf, Plattling, Osterhofen, Hengersberg and Winzer.
At the Bodenmais location, we will be happy to transport you to your respective excursion destinations or for hiking on the Großer Arber or even to Sankt Englmar.

City-Taxi City Vilshofen on the Danube
Large capacity taxi for 8 people Eging am See
Taxi station Vilshofen or Osterhofen
By cab to the party in the district of Passau
Taxi service folk festivals Vilshofen and surroundings
Group taxi between Passau and Deggendorf
Taxicabs around the clock in the Vilshofen area
Taxi to the harbour Vilshofen on the Danube
24 hours taxi service in Vilshofen region

In addition to the normal tasks as a taxi service for transporting individuals or groups, we also offer medical and dialysis rides for patients to the nearest clinic. Even if you are in a wheelchair or have physical limitations, our excellently trained taxi drivers are there for you, will help you deal with your everyday problems and will take you to the doctor, shopping or to the destination of your choice. Another offer from our taxi fleet are drives to Munich Airport or to the Austrian Blue Danube Airport in Linz. With this service, you save yourself the hassle of looking for a parking space and the high costs of parking before your trip - of course, after your vacation or business trip, we will pick you up on time after your appointment and take you back to your home in Lower Bavaria.

Health and dialysis transport Ortenburg and surrounding area
Cab rides for people in wheelchairs Eging am See
Airport transfer Ortenburg to Munich or Linz
Taxi with airport shuttle Greater Vilshofen
Rent a bus in Aldersbach or Osterhofen